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Keep your most important asset safe

Our data security and protection services provide independent and individualized protection for your peace of mind. Our specialists work together with you to assess the possible risk and to create a feasible overall strategy to ensure the security of your data and the reliability of your systems. It is our goal to be your partner in any aspect concerning the protection of your valuable IT assets.

Security ensures the confidentiality of data. Only authorized personnel have access to data. Special focus is therefore given to ensuring proper use of access rights of current and former employees who have legitimate access to data.
Concerns include:

  • Protection from and detection of unauthorized access to systems
  • Encryption of data
  • Protection from adverse programs (Viruses, ?backdoors? built in by own employees etc.)
  • Reliability e.g. assurance of business continuity in the event of a disaster

We can help you to professionally address those concerns.